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Faculty and Staff

Columbia Christian Schools is confident in the quality and preparedness of our teachers. Our faculty and administration are credentialed teachers and staff, many having earned advanced degrees. With our 26 full-time administration and faculty there is an average of over 10 years of experience. We are determined to have teachers who are dedicated to young people and who have a passion for teaching with a compassion for students.

The faculty and staff involve themselves in the lives and activities of the student body, and each faculty and staff member serves as a Christian role model for the students at Columbia Christian.

Columbia Christian Schools employs one full-time teacher in pre-school, two full-time teachers in pre-kindergarten and one full-time teacher in kindergarten through 5th grade. Columbia Christian also employs a full-time teachers' aide for the elementary, a part-time reading specialist and tutor, as well as an art specialist, librarian, music specialist and physical education specialist.

In the secondary grades (6-12), Columbia Christian Schools employs seven teachers on staff full-time and seven adjuncts specializing in specific areas of the curriculum.

A school counselor is available for students in preschool through 12th grade, and guidance counseling is available for all high school students.

  Name Title
Donnie Alcatraz Alcatraz, Donnie Teacher - High/Middle
June Andersen Andersen, June Secretary
Karen Banducci Banducci, Karen Teacher - High/Middle
Karen Banks Banks, Karen Administrative Assistant
Tawny Barbarick Barbarick, Tawny Marketing Director
Christy Barrett Barrett, Christy Early Childhood Assistant
Dixie Bever Bever, Dixie Bookkeeper
Natalie Bishop Bishop, Natalie Teacher - Middle School
Karen Cunningham Cunningham, Karen Elementary Aide
Cheri Davis Davis, Cheri Teacher - PreK
Joel Davis Davis, Joel Vice Principal
Nancy Dawkins Dawkins, Nancy Teacher - High School
Kevin Denton Denton, Kevin Teacher - Music
Lisa DiVincenzo DiVincenzo, Lisa Office Assistant
Eli Dukes Dukes, Eli Facilities Manager
Tracey Dukes Dukes, Tracey Facilities Technician
Janice Farnsworth Farnsworth, Janice Teacher
Leah Fletcher Fletcher, Leah Teacher - Middle School
Brenda Gentry Gentry, Brenda Teacher - High/Middle
Di Ann Gillaspie Gillaspie, Di Ann Teacher - High/Middle
Jodie Hicks Hicks, Jodie Teacher - Kindergarten
Laura Hilderbrand Hilderbrand, Laura Teacher - PreK
Kristy Hornbuckle Hornbuckle, Kristy Elementary Aide
Jason Housley Housley, Jason Development Director
Sharon Houte Houte, Sharon Teacher - 3rd Grade
Pearl Howarth Howarth, Pearl Early Childhood Director
Madolynn Hurley Hurley, Madolynn Teacher - 5th Grade
Kendra Johnson Johnson, Kendra Drama Production Coordinator
Jake Kopra Kopra, Jake Teacher - High School
Jill Lewis Lewis, Jill School Nurse
Marquita Moss Moss, Marquita President
Angela Poole Poole, Angela Teacher - 2nd Grade
Yellmi Rawlings Rawlings, Yellmi Adjunct Teacher
John Rawson Rawson, John Teacher - PE
Carrie Rude Rude, Carrie Admissions Director
Karen Shewmaker Shewmaker, Karen Development Assistant
Angie Siler Siler, Angie Secretary, Librarian
Luke Simmons Simmons, Luke Teacher - High/Middle
Beth Suelzle Suelzle, Beth Teacher - 1st Grade
Ginger Thiesen Thiesen, Ginger Adjunct Teacher
Debby Thomas Thomas, Debby Substitute
Sherrie Traughber Traughber, Sherrie Teacher - 4th Grade
Bart Valentine Valentine, Bart Athletic Director
Danielle Valentine Valentine, Danielle Actor/Teacher
Ami Vensel Vensel, Ami Principal
Shauna Wagner Wagner, Shauna Spiritual Life Assistant
Troy Wagner Wagner, Troy Spiritual Life Director
Elizabeth Wetzler Wetzler, Elizabeth Teacher - High School
Kristi White White, Kristi School Counselor
Kim Yeager Yeager, Kim Teacher - Art
Evan Ziegenfus Ziegenfus, Evan High School Aide

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