Columbia Christian Schools
Outlaw Commemorative Fund Has Strong Start


We are grateful for all the support we have received for the Morgan & Judy Outlaw Commemorative Fund. Based on the responses so far it is clear Morgan and Judy are truly beloved members of the Columbia Christian community and beyond. Here is just one of the many responses that have come our way in support of the Outlaws and the Commemorative Fund.


Dear Columbia Christian Schools,

We are excited to contribute to the christening of The Morgan and Judy Outlaw Center of Academic Excellence building at Columbia Christian Schools. For many years, Morgan was the portrait for CCS with all of the integrity and honesty that epitomized him. In the same way Morgan sought to represent the hope that Jesus Christ brings to our lives as Christians, he sought to bring hope of what Columbia Christian Schools could bring to the lives of students entering the “long hall” of CCS. The hope that students coming to CCS could change their lives for the good was presented day in and day out in the lives of various students we have seen attending Columbia Christian Schools.

Through Morgan Outlaw, the heart of Christianity at Columbia has not just been expressed through what we say. It is expressed through how we all conduct ourselves even when no one is watching. Morgan continues to be the expression of that integrity. We are pleased to be able to contribute in a small way to that legacy.


Michael and Joni Tolon


If you have not yet had the opportunity, we invite you to join us in honoring Morgan and Judy Outlaw by participating in this commemorative fund. Click here for further information. Thank you for your support!