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Teacher Wish List

Are you looking to support Columbia teachers in a very tangible way? Following are some specific needs that have been identified around our campus. We invite your contribution towards these items! Please email or call 503-252-8577 to help!

2017-2018 Wish List

Teacher Workroom - paper shredder (new or used okay, as long as it works!)

PreK Class - storage cabinet, click here, cost approx $215

Elem/MS Computer Lab - 10 headphones for student use (no earbuds, please)

Student Support Services - mini trampoline for indoor use (can be new or used in good condition)

Counseling Department - throw pillows, bean bag chairs, etc. for "quiet room"

Counseling Department - vacuum (new or used okay, as long as it works!)

Music Department - cart for music stands: Manhasset 1910, click here, cost approx $335

Marketing and Yearbook - DSLR camera for use at events, games, and around campus, like this one: click here, cost approx $550

Natural Playground - builder boards mini set (finished), click here, cost approx $1,100

Natural Playground - 36" activity table, click here, cost approx $500

Natural Playground - 12" hardwood stump seat, click here, cost approx $120

Completed Items 2017-2018: Thank you for your support!

Counseling Department - mini fridge

1st Grade - portable cd/tape player, like this one on Amazon: click here, cost approx $30

1st and 2nd Grade - 3 paintbrush sets, click here, cost approx $7 each (3 sets or 30 brushes needed)

3rd Grade - 25 to 50 packs of mechanical pencil refill lead, size .7 mm

5th Grade - 25 personal dry-erase boards (similar to these: click here)

High School Math/Science - document camera: Ipevo Ziggi-HD Plus High-Def USB, click here, cost approx $99


Don't forget that you can choose to count any contributions to the school toward your required Christian Caring Hours or receive a charitable donation receipt for tax purposes!