Columbia Christian Schools
Jericho Walk


We started the Jericho Project at Columbia Christian in the summer of 2013 and we are pleased that it continues today. We have committed to walk the perimeter of our campus seven days a week all year long while surrounding it in prayer. Our basic request is that God will bless the work of Columbia Christian and remove any walls that stand in the way of its flourishing.

We would like to invite all the members of our community (parents, students, staff and friends) to join us in this project. Whether you are able to be with us physically as we circle the campus each day, or in spirit from any location in the world, our invitation is for you to partner with us as we claim the promises of God for Columbia Christian. We believe this is God's mission, and we trust God to do with this place as He wants and He wills. Our part will be to march around the promise in prayer and praise daily and to live in holy anticipation of God's victory.

Please see the campus map for an outline of the Jericho walking path indicated in red. For more information about the Jericho project, please read the full article in a previous edition of Knight News here. We welcome your participation!