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Financial Aid

Columbia recognizes that even with highly-competitive tuition rates that cover only 66 percent of the cost of education, some families find it difficult to afford Christian schooling for their children. Each year, Columbia raises funds for need-based financial aid from donors who are willing to help students with good behavior records who are serious about seeking a Christian education. Families who need assistance with tuition in order for their children to attend Columbia are welcome to apply for need-based financial aid from these funds.

Students in the full-day classes, kindergarten through 12th grade, are eligible to apply. They must be U.S. citizens. International students and students in the half-day PreK program are not eligible for financial aid. Families receiving financial aid do not qualify for any further tuition discounts. Awards are granted annually and families must complete a new application each school year.

The financial aid program for the 2019-2020 school year will open on February 1, 2019. Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are completed and first responses will be sent in mid-March. Applications are due for returning students by May 15, 2019.


Following are the requirements for eligible families wishing to be considered for financial aid:
Returning families must be current on tuition payments and have no past-due balances at the school

To be considered for a financial aid award, students must satisfy the following:
Good academic standing with no significant record of disciplinary, attendance, or scholastic problems
A grade point average of 72 or better for the previous school year with no failing grades

No suspensions for disciplinary reasons for the previous school year
Financial need must be demonstrated through the online FACTS application.

The following should be submitted directly to FACTS:
Copies of previous year financial data (federal tax form including attachments and W-2s)
An essay describing why an education at Columbia Christian School is important to the family and explaining the circumstances that make financial aid necessary
$35 processing fee by debit or credit card at the end of the application


Completed FACTS applications will be reviewed by Columbia’s Admissions Office in the order in which they are submitted. Determination of eligibility for financial assistance will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, or ethnic origin. Columbia will compare the financial evaluation provided by FACTS with the annual cost of education. If the expected family contribution (calculated by FACTS) is less than the annual tuition, the difference will be considered as a potential award, up to but not exceeding a designated percent of tuition. The annual registration fee and non-tuition miscellaneous expenses will not be included in the cost of education comparison nor covered by financial aid.

The Admissions Office will notify all applicants of the final determination. If a family qualifies for assistance, they must sign a letter of acceptance signifying their receipt of policy in order to accept the award.


In line with the mission of the school, and in the on-going effort to wisely steward the funds from donors and tuition payments, the following award levels have been established for the 2019-2020 school year based on church involvement:

Participating Students

Families with children actively involved in a local Christian church of their choosing may be eligible for financial aid awards up to 50% off of tuition, depending on their individual FACTS assessment. To be considered in the “Participating Students” group, the family will submit contact information to confirm the student’s church participation: church name, minister/pastor name, church address, email, and phone number. The student should attend worship at a local Christian church no less than twice per month.

To continue receiving a financial aid award at the level of the “Participating Students” group, the child must continue to regularly attend worship and church functions at a local Christian church no less than twice per month. Mid-term church verification may be required for all financial aid recipients to verify that they are continuing their active participation in a Christian congregation of their choice. If verification is received showing less twice per month participation, the family will be notified that a future financial aid award will be negatively impacted.

Non-Participating Students

Families with children who are not actively involved in a local Christian church may be eligible for financial aid awards up to 30% off of tuition, depending on their individual FACTS assessment. No additional documentation is required for families in the “Non-Participating” group.


In order to maintain an award of need-based financial aid during the course of a school year, a student must:
Achieve a grade point average of 72 percent or better, inclusive of all subject areas, and not fail any classes
Not receive any conduct grade lower than N- in any report card period (that is, no conduct grades of U), nor more than three conduct grades of S- in any one report card period.
Maintain a level of conduct so that office visits and detention assignments are not excessive. Two office visits and/or four detention assignments during a six-week period will be considered excessive

Click here to access the FACTS financial aid application

Questions about financial aid can be directed to Carrie Rude, Admissions Director: or 503-252-8577.

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