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Our pre-kindergarten program is licensed by the Oregon Child Care Division as a certified childcare facility. The school day begins at 8 AM and concludes at 3 PM. We also operate a licensed extended care program that runs from 7-8 AM and from 3-6 PM on school days. 

Our school year typcially runs from the Wednesday after the Labor Day holiday until the beginning of June.

For 2017-2018 we will accept 20 students in our full-day PreK class (some part-time options available). Children must be at least 36 months of age and fully potty-trained to enter our program.


The Columbia Christian PreK program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows children to gain an appreciation of their world and others around them through guided discovery as well as large and small group interactions. These experiences will provide developmentally appropriate activities where the child is an active participant in the learning process. 

First, we believe that young children learn best through intentional hands-on experiences and that children gain valuable skills through meaningful play. Our child-centered program encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving. This fosters individual growth and self-sufficiency as well as confidence and a love of learning.

Furthermore, we believe that parents are the child’s first teachers and that children learn best when parents are involved in the educational process. Our teachers recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community and society.  This creates a bridge between home and school and engages families in their child’s learning. 

Finally, we believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn. Our PreK program provides inclusive settings that recognize children’s varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles.  This helps every child achieve their full potential and feel a sense of belonging.

Read our Early Childhood Parent Handbook for more information, or view our pricing breakdown. 

For more information about this program, please contact the Director, Pearl Howarth.

"Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, 
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’"
-Matthew 19:14